Premium Meat Market Steak

Premium Meat Market Steak

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Meat Market South Wharf prides itself on its meat and sources the finest quality locally grown beef.


The marbling in our beef means the flavour is second to none and is a fantastic step up from traditional retail store offerings.

Order some great value and delicious steak to your door.


Our meat selection:

  • 360g Rump Steak 5 star grass-fed
  • 250g Scotch Fillet 5 star grass-fed
  • 200g Eye Fillet 5 star grass-fed
  • 300g Rib Eye dry-aged bone-in
  • 300g Porterhouse 6 star grass-fed
  • 1.2kg Tomahawk - the king of steaks, bone-in


Why not try some great heat and serve sides with your steak or complement your steaks with some of our other premium meats.